David Chao

VP Hardware

Dr. Chao has extensive experience in the technology and manufacture of optic and optic-electronic product, such as optical lens and system, projector, backlight module, DVD pickup head.

Dr. Chao has spent more than fifteen years working as a lead on research and development at the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), an institute is sponsored by the Taiwan Government. He has also more than ten years more of experience in working with private enterprises to develop the new business and new products; he was the General Manager at Aptek optical co., the CTO of Young Optics, and the a VP of Coretronic Corp.

Over the past couple years, Dr. Chao has been working on projects related to food safety and bio-medical inspection. Besides being the VP of Hardware at Tellspec he is also managing a team to develop a rapid pesticide detection by Surface Enhance Raman Spectroscopy as well as a quick monitoring for farming plants and soil fertility using NIR technology.