Nathaniel Amsellem

European Investment Advisor

Nathaniel Amsellem is the Managing Partner of Smart Equity, an M&A and Private Equity boutique. Born in France, he earned his MBA from Essec, a leading European business school. He strengthened his skills in Corporate Finance and Strategy with a career start in Strategy consulting. After a few years and some experience in Life Sciences, Dairy Products, and Telecommunications, Nathaniel was pretty successful as an intrapreneur, leading Business Development and Corporate Development for a number of of successful ventures.

In 2006, Nathaniel launched Smart Equity and arranged numerous capital transactions with a focus on Small Cap and Lower-end Midcap companies in the following sectors: TMT, Energy, Financial Services, and Health/Wellness. Since 1999, Nathaniel has also been a Business Angel. He has founded Investment firms exceeding $1bn assets under management (SolarFi in 2008 and YCAP in 2010).

Nathaniel also sits on the boards of the following companies: Agriland (investments in agriculture-related infrastructures), Nanosol (nanotechnology), and Ceprodi (nutrition).