A Message From Our CEO …

Dear friends,

I have included below an invite to become an early participant in our Indiegogo crowdfunding health technology campaign, but first I want to introduce myself.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 20 years, building eight companies on three continents. Most recently I had been working in the field of preventive medicine, until my daughter became ill. I made it my mission to identify the cause of her mysterious illness and help her get better.

After a year of exploring every possibility with many specialists, we finally discovered that she is very sensitive to gluten and other allergens. The world is slowly shifting towards better food labeling and more choices, but gluten is still prevalent in many foods, often without identification. It was very hard to find foods that would not contribute to my daughter’s illness. I began searching for a product to help me manage her food intake and, from this experience, TellSpec was born.

TellSpec is the world’s first hand-held consumer device that analyzes the nutrients, calories, chemicals and allergens in food products. What exactly are you eating? Do you know? TellSpec can analyze any food, you just aim the handheld scanner at the food, and TellSpec sends a report to your phone. TellSpec is a fast, convenient and simple way to learn what’s in your food.

We are sharing this news with leading doctors, scientists, nutritionists and early-adopters to offer you an opportunity to help bring this breakthrough in health technology to market. By becoming an early contributor in our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, you can be one of the first to own the device and play an important role in making this powerful tool available to the public; empowering people to make smart choices before they eat.

Please read about our different crowdfunding campaign options on Indiegogo; and if you believe, as we do, that TellSpec will have a positive impact on health, please consider making a contribution.

Thank you for your interest in TellSpec. I hope you will join us in being part of the clean food revolution with inventions such as TellSpec.


Isabel Hoffmann
Founder and CEO