What’s in my White Cheddar Popcorn?

The quality of your health depends a great deal on the quality of the food you eat. When it’s snack time, some people try to eat foods which appear more healthy but that isn’t always the case.

This week, TellSpec added some white cheddar popcorn to its database, and here is what we found when we scanned it: Soy, Whey, Lactose, Sodium, and Trans Fats.

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TellSpec Findings:


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  1. Brent Brodie
    Brent Brodie says:

    First of all, kudos on creating this exciting system. I’m sure that TellSpec will be a great help to a lot of people.

    In the interest of accuracy, I’m pointing out that the reported sodium content of this food appears is inaccurate. Instead of 6 gm per 100 gm of food, it’s probably more on the order of 1200 mg per 100 gm.

  2. Darin Olien
    Darin Olien says:

    This is a fantastic technology and one that I hope to use and really promote as well.

    Does this technology abel to detect GMO’s in food as well? this would be a incredible addition to the benefits.

    Please let me know.


    • TellSpec Staff
      TellSpec Staff says:

      GMO is a future potential application but not now, we have our hands full designing the food geography that it will cover in the first year based on the technology’s limitation for the first prototype. But as all technology gets better, faster, smaller (some of the time) and more sophisticated…so too will we!!


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