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On Tuesday TellSpec launched TELLSPECOPEDIA to help consumers better understand food ingredients and their impact on health. In contrast to a lot of the conflicting food ingredient information provided on the internet our food science researchers created a new and powerful searchable online database to provide consumers more credible information sources. They sorted and synthesized thousands of evidence based references to provide this robust searchable encyclopedia on food. TellSpecopedia is the educational companion to the TellSpec scanner.


TellSpecopedia currently covers the most common and controversial 1,300 food ingredients ranging from additives, contaminants and manufacturing by-products to deliver scientific research on the food system quickly and comprehensibly. Each record in the database synthesizes information from several evidence based sources by listing an ingredient’s definition, health considerations, things to keep in mind, where the ingredient may be found, and alternative names and spellings, along with references and links to published studies for further reading. We hope our Indiegogo supporters will enjoy, use, and share the information with their friends and family.

Thank you for your support.

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