Tellspec Beta Scanners

Hello Indiegogoers and supporter of Tellspec!

We are happy to announce that we have begun to send out beta scanners to our testers! Our first scanner was sent out just a few weeks ago. To commemorate the event, our CEO actually delivered it by hand!

So far we have delivered a handful of beta scanners. We want to stress that these deliveries will be very slow – if you have not received a unit yet and you signed up for beta testing please be patient. Our team needs as much time as possible to scale and test our back-end platform for crowdsourcing scans. We aim to deliver the remaining scanners in phases throughout this summer.

We have also finalized the industrial look for the new smaller scanner. Here is a photo that shows the beta scanner and the new (smaller) scanner in their respective cases.


We are now finalizing our cost estimates for the smaller device and are also undergoing extensive testing to validate our algorithms on the new scanner. We will post a new update once we have news on this.

There is also the possibility that some beta testers will receive only small scanners for delivery. If you have received a large beta scanner and would like a small scanner, we promise to do our best to accommodate requests for an exchange.

If you did not signed up for being a beta tester then please be patient until we deliver all the beta scanners and we iron out any issues with our back-end platform. We are currently also raising finance so we can enter into manufacturing agreements which includes tooling some of the more expensive components inside the scanner as well as engaging into different applications of our technology.

Thank you for your continued support.

– TellSpec Team

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