Tellspec Progress of September 2015

Hello Indiegogoers and Tellspec backers,

As you know, Tellspec is getting ready to finalize the shipping of the beta prototypes to our beta testers and developers. Meanwhile we busy testing our iOS app as well as validating more food detection modules.

Here is a link to our latest video that shows some of the functionality we have integrated into the technology from the feedback we got from some of you.

This functionality includes:

1. Helping diabetics or pre-diabetics detect and track calories, macronutrients as well as glycemic index and load;

Blog_20150929 1


2. Helping avoid a known allergen (in this case gluten);

Blog_20150929 2

3. Helping narrowing food sensitivities;

Blog_20150929 3

Please remember visit our Facebook or our Twitter page for weekly updates. Thank you for your continued support!

Tellspec team

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