2015 December Updates

Tellspec Christmas 2015

Dear Backers,

As 2015 comes to an end, the team here at Tellspec wishes you a very happy new year!

Our team has been busy these past few weeks refining the app, fixing bugs, and finalizing coding, as well as dealing with firmware issues. Our iOS app for data collection is now in the hands of a few initial beta testers and we are gathering feedback from these users. Our Tellspec food sensor has been used by beta testers to gather the near infrared spectrum of foods and at the same time contribute to our growing database of food scans.

While Tellspec’s initial capabilities might be limited, over time the efforts of our beta users will ensure that the database is ever expanding, and more accurate detection of food ingredients will be possible. This way, your Tellspec holds the promise to, gradually and over time, be able to fully scan your food!

Shipping dates: We anticipate finishing shipment to all beta users during April 2016. We will begin shipping final units soon after the beta deliveries are completed.

Happy New Year!

Thanks again for your patience, support, and encouragement – and may you have a very happy New Year and a wonderful 2016.

From all of us,

The Tellspec Team

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Additional Tellspec food sensors can be pre-ordered here.