Tellspec is part of the TRACOD project

TRACOD (Model-based Tracking of Cod and Other Fish Value Chain for Consumer Confidence Boosting and Food Engineers Education) project officially started on January 1st, 2020.

The project has been funded by EIT Food and involves three partners: Tellspec, Technion and Matís.

The goal of the project is to apply model-based systems engineering (MBSE) and conceptual modeling in the food value chain and eventually develop a generic model-based platform for food value chain definition, maintenance, real-time query and decision support, and constant evolution.

Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) is a systems engineering methodology that focuses on creating and exploiting domain models as the primary means of information exchange, rather than on document-based information exchange.

The TRACOD project has therefore two purposes:

  • model the function, structure, and behavior of the entire “farm-to-fork” food value chain, ultimately enabling real-time view of the physical objects and processes along the food chain at increasing levels of detail through their digital twins, as reported by sensors in key chain locations. Initially, fresh cod will be the case study.
  • educate food engineers to use conceptual modeling using a MOOC – massive open online course.

Tellspec will enable real-time, transparent inspection of critical nutrion and condition parameters along the food chain through NIR sensors and a blockchain-based app that will provide information on fish nutrients and freshness.

The benefit of TRACOD is to transparently expose all the stakeholders in the food chain, from the fishermen ships and food engineers to the customers, to the sources and paths of the food they handle or ultimately consume, including its levels of macronutrients and freshness parameters, thereby boosting consumers’ confidence and raising their awareness to consuming healthy, balanced food.