Vanessa Pizzinato

Marketing Communications Specialist

With a desire to weave stories that provide tangible results, Vanessa has over twenty-five years of experience developing internationally award-winning brands, websites, campaigns and integrated marketing communication platforms that brought life her clients’ vision to life. With a degree in Industrial Design, she expanded her knowledge of product development by looking beyond the design and diving into what drives brand personas within the marketplace.

With an aversion to boredom and a thirst for ‘different’ peppered Vanessa’s experience by working within the healthcare, manufacturing, retail, technology, tourism and economic development sectors. She has a collaborative approach to her marketing communications strategies that meet both corporate stakeholders and shareholders’ demands.

After ten successful years with her agency, SmallWorld Marketing Group, Vanessa began her own consulting company. She continues to be drawn to telling brand stories with a purpose. Her ‘Happy Place’ is where challenges and strategies converge, where intrigue and interest flow and found within any project that she tackles.