Know Your Food


Track calories, carbohydrates,

proteins, fiber and glycemic load


Avoid Known Allergens


Food security in the palm of your hand


provides you with the most relevant and useful information about what is in your food so you can make an informed decision that better matches your health needs.

Our team has created the world’s first consumer handled device able to scan food at a molecular level: the Tellspec Food Sensor. Our technology includes a three-part system: a pocket-sized sensor, a cloud-based patented analysis engine, and a mobile app that work together to scan foods, identify calories, macronutrients, allergens, fiber, sugars, and also provide relevant nutritional information such as the glycemic index, with one simple scan.

Tellspec’s mission is to help create a clean food revolution by providing consumers with information about what is really in their food beyond the nutrition label. As the world’s first consumer food sensor, Tellspec identifies calories, macronutrients, and allergens in foods, as well as specific nutritional information such as glycemic index and fiber. For diabetic people, Tellspec is an indispensable tool that helps them manage their disease. We hope that we will spark vital change in the way people eat and the way food is currently produced. Our goal is to make our food analysis system available to everyone, everywhere, and to encourage others to use our tools to invent more great ways to improve human health.

April 2016

Selected by MedPi 2016 as a finalist for the award on Innovation in the category of Health

September 2015

Participated in mHealth Grand Tour 2015, an event to demonstrate digital solutions for diabetic patients organized by Orange Telecom

January 2015

Chosen by HTRC as the top innovative company at CES 2015

September 2014

Forbes selected Tellspec as one of the 10 Top Companies Revolutionizing Entrepreneurship

Tellspec helps diabetics manage their health and diet

Tellspec helps you count calories, carbohydrates, protein, fats, fiber, and glycemic load, as well as identify the presence of known allergens

Tellspec helps you track the intake of calories, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, sugars and glycemic load per meal, per day, per week, per month and per quarter

Tellspec helps you narrow down possible food sensitivities by tracking how you feel and what you ate


can be used without the Tellspec Food Sensor. The app on its own helps you to track consumption of food ingredients, such as calories or carbs, and calculate important food related information such as the glycemic load of a meal by asking you to enter this information rather than scanning it.

However, if you are concerned about avoiding certain allergens, or getting information about ingredients not present on the food label, you can order our food sensor and use it to scan your food at a molecular level.

The Tellspec mobile application also fully incorporates Tellspecopedia, a database that can help you better understand specific food ingredients and how they impact health. Each record in the database synthesizes information from several scientific sources by listing an ingredient’s definition, health considerations, things to keep in mind, where the ingredient may be found, and alternative names and spellings, along with references and links to published studies for further reading.

What our customers are saying

“Now, that French Onion soup… how many calories can broth with onions, a slice of provolone, and a few bread croutons cost in a diet? 360 calories per the official nutrition guide. Actual damage = 370 calories.” KM, http://www.michelizzi.com/2016/02/09/birthday-dinner-with-the-tellspec-scanner/

“Do yourself a favor. Look up the information for foods for yourself, in Tellspecopedia, by Tellspec.”

“First, the scanner is smaller than I expected. It looks fairly large in photos on the TellSpec website, but I am pleasantly surprised at how slim it is.”

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