Chemical fingerprints instantly revealed.

Tellspec’s biophotonic sensors, software, and ML predictive models work together to deliver decision-quality data in real time.

We simplify your laboratory analysis of organic substances with cost-effective solutions that makes it easier to collect, access, and manage your data. We have a solution right for you and a support team ready to assist you.


Our 11+ years of experience with spectroscopic technology, software development, and machine learning algorithms have been combined with the knowledge of experts and everyday users to produce a range of different applications.

Whether you’re testing the quality, authenticity, adulteration, or the decay of an organic substance we have a solution ideal for your application. There are many other applications not listed below which include gasoline quality, pharmaceutical product authenticity, polymer identification, archaeology and art analysis, animal feeding quality and control, and rapid veterinary tests.

Forensic Analysis

Determine the authenticity of your product in order to fight illicit trade. Our NIR sensors can provide a rapid in-the-field analysis of products for its brand authenticity and easily identify counterfeits.

Food and Beverage Analysis

Perform a rapid analysis of BRIX and Titratable acidity of a fruit. These two analytes can be used to determine the shelf life of a fruit, enabling data-driven decisions on what fruits should be kept in the warehouse, which one should be sent to the retail outlet, and which should be donated to a food bank or wasted.

Aquaculture Industry Applications

Test fish freshness by measuring the ATP (adenosine triphosphate) degradation to enhance consumer satisfaction and market value. Our sensors can rapidly measure K-values of seafood, which is the most objective and accurate way to evaluate freshness of fish and shellfish products. Maintaining fish freshness also helps ensure food safety and supports the sustainability of fisheries by maximizing the value of each catch.

Dairy Industry Applications

Our sensors are being used in several countries across the globe to accurately measure fat, moisture, protein, lactose, casein, and total solids in raw milk. Our sensors can also measure markers in raw milk that can help predict the onset of bovine mastitis, this helps dairy farmers and distributors to discard the contaminated milk and not to use it in the pooling process, thereby saving on costs and waste.

Agriculture Analysis

Over the years our team has worked across the globe in a variety of applications to optimise harvest and test soil quality. Our projects ranged from the non-destructive testing of fat and moisture content of olives to establish optimum harvest time, to soil analysis for total carbon (C) and nitrogen (N).

Life Sciences Applications

The Preemie system helps reduce the risks associated with premature birth by enabling a rapid and affordable analysis of human milk composition, and delivering data-driven calculations for the targeted fortification needed to meet the unique nutritional needs of each preterm infant.



International Design Awards (IDA)
Gold prize winner for Preemie Sensor
February 2021, Budapest, Hungary


German Design Award
German Design Award for Preemie Sensor
November 2020, Germany

United Kingdom

Sustainable Development Award
Open Innovation 2019
December 2019, London


EIT Innovation Award 
Third Place

European Institute of Innovation and Technology
October 2018, Budapest


EIT Women Award 
First Place

European Institute of Innovation and Technology
October 2018, Budapest


Top 4 of Venturer Madness 2017
Presented by Invest Southwest in partnership with the Arizona Commerce Authority
March 2017, Scottsdale, Arizona


The Humanitarian Water Air and Food Award (WAF Award)
Awarded in the category of food safety. 
November 2016, Copenhagen


Awarded prize for Innovation in the category of Health.
May 2016, MEDPI 2016, Monte Carlo


Seeds and Chips
Awarded prize for Best Health and Diet Solution.
May 2016, Milan