Portable rapid analysis that enables
data-driven decisions

Tellspec offers portable intelligent sensors coupled with AI-data analytics solutions for rapid analysis of both solid and liquid samples, such as dairy milk, oils, fruits, grains, soil, tobacco, cannabis, and other agriculture samples as well as medical specimens.

We also license our Data Collection and Management Software (SpecData), and our innovative AI-platform that enables easy and fast development, and deployment of machine learning models from spectral data (SpecAI).

Real-Time Analysis Using Portable Low-Cost Sensors

We offer two different NIR sensors: the Enterprise Sensor and the Preemie Sensor. Our portable low-cost technology helps monitor, in real time, events of fraud, illicit trade, and intentional or unintentional contamination. We also help manage sample variability by offering rapid and in-the-field analysis of samples.

We are the world’s pioneer in AI-based cloud spectroscopy

Our AI-platform, patent pending, allows researchers to collaborate for synchronizing, visualizing, and analyzing spectral data, as well as easily developing and validating models with state-of-the-art ML algorithms, running in the cloud.


Product authenticity, traceability, immutability and auditability

We also offer a suite of Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) tools that focus on key issues related to authenticity and traceability of products that have been scanned with our sensors. Blockchain technology is incorporated into the results of the analysis performed using our sensors to ensure immutability and auditability.

Tellspec’s Preemie Sensor, coupled with the mobile app Preemie Milk Quality, offers a rapid non-destructive way of testing milk for its nutritional value.

Tellspec’s Enterprise spectral sensor, coupled with the mobile app FishQC & Fraud, offers a rapid non-destructive way of testing fish for its nutritional value and freshness.

The FishQC & Fraud system reduces the costs associated with fish fraud and fish waste;
Parameters: Protein, Fat, Moisture, Spoilage

Tellspec’s Enterprise Sensor, coupled with the mobile app FruitQC, offers a rapid non-destructive way of testing the quality, ripeness, and flavour of fresh fruit.

Reduce the costs associated with food waste and improve the bottom line;
Parameters: Brix, Titratable Acidity, Juice ratio, Vitamin C




International Design Awards (IDA)
Gold prize winner for Preemie Sensor
February 2021, Budapest, Hungary


German Design Award
German Design Award for Preemie Sensor
November 2020, Germany

United Kingdom

Sustainable Development Award
Open Innovation 2019
December 2019, London


EIT Innovation Award 
Third Place

European Institute of Innovation and Technology
October 2018, Budapest


EIT Women Award 
First Place

European Institute of Innovation and Technology
October 2018, Budapest


Top 4 of Venturer Madness 2017
Presented by Invest Southwest in partnership with the Arizona Commerce Authority
March 2017, Scottsdale, Arizona


The Humanitarian Water Air and Food Award (WAF Award)
Awarded in the category of food safety. 
November 2016, Copenhagen


Awarded prize for Innovation in the category of Health.
May 2016, MEDPI 2016, Monte Carlo


Seeds and Chips
Awarded prize for Best Health and Diet Solution.
May 2016, Milan