Head of R&D

Mr. bLOORE brings wide expertise in software design and development, an outcome of his thirty-year-long experience in the field. He has applied his knowledge to many applications, from electromagnetic prospecting equipment (University of Toronto Geophysics Lab) to typesetting (MacTeX from FTL Systems), from distributed computing control and highly-parallel web crawling (both at to iOS apps (AllSeeingEye for iPad).

In addition to software, he has a background in general science, with a particular taste for physics and biology. mARK can not only design, direct, and implement the many and varied software systems, databases, and user interfaces Tellspec requires, but can also contribute to the hardware design, with a good understanding of how it operates as a spectrometer and a wireless device, and of how it interacts with the software on both smartphone and server.

mARK is a system architect and software developer for Tellspec, using our own machines and cloud services like AWS, generally working in Python and SQL, with Objective-C and Swift, on Linux and iOS. He is currently working on backend API and DB architecture and development, and helping with UI design and app development, machine learning, lab procedures, and hardware as the head of Research and Development for the company. He is also involved in dev-ops, hardware design and configuration, data collection and analysis, and proposal writing.