Richard Guha

Strategy and Business Advisor

Richard has over 45 years business experience in Finance, Operations, Marketing and General Management within both technology and food industries. He has been CEO of a Fortune 100 company, several start-ups, consultant to about one third of the Fortune 500, Board Member and active investor in startups.

He has a Bachelors’ degree in Math, Physics, Chemistry and Fluid Mechanics from the University of Cambridge, and also a Masters in Chemical Engineering from Cambridge.

Joined Procter & Gamble, (following a period as a Chemical Engineer at ICI Plc), in Consumer Marketing, before moving to Mars, Inc., in the UK, he worked in Candy, Petfood and Main Meal in multiple countries. He then went into Marketing and Strategy consulting at Marketing Corporation of America, where he worked largely for F500 companies in multiple industries. He re-entered corporate life as CMO of US West and its cable business. He has been the SVP Marketing and Business Development of Remedy/BMC enterprise software, and President of Reliant Energy, a Fortune 100 company. Richard has also been involved in almost 2,000 startups since 1990. He has lived in ten countries on four continents and worked in many more via global responsibilities on several occasions.