Xue Feng, B.Des.

Graphic Designer

Xue started her design education back in high school and throughout university at York University/Sheridan College Graphic Design joint program. After graduation she embarked on professional career, specializing in the field of branding, illustration, and western calligraphy with an elegant touch of minimalism.

She thinks that design is not only a profession but also a way of thinking that shapes her reality. To design is to liberate her soul and to motivate her to dive into the wild world in search of the never-ending visual and aural stimulation. Art and design, together accompanied with travelling as the by-product, have helped her interpret the world with different sets of acquired aesthetics. The magnificence of nature and the abundance of various cultures have inspired her to practice design as a way of celebration of life experience.

Currently working as a freelancer, she uses the freedom to experiment with different lifestyles by living among cities of Japan and China while having Toronto as the first base of operation.