Dr. Zoltan Kovacs, Ph.D.

VP Data Analytics

Dr. Kovacs main field of interest is the application and improvement of machine sensing systems, with particular respect to electronic tongue and the related measurement protocol and data evaluation techniques. His early works in agricultural and food sciences and in pharmaceutical fields drew the attention of the manufacturer of electronic tongue instruments, and he was invited for collaborations. Recently, he has been working with near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) using the novel aquaphotomics data evaluation approach, as a post-doctorate research fellow in Kobe University, Japan. His three-year tenure terminates in March 2016. He has been investigating the application of aquaphotomics for various systems including biological organisms and different types of water samples, and developing measurement and data evaluation techniques for the rapid and non-invasive application of NIRS and aquaphotomics. Dr Zoltan is an assistant professor at Szent Istvan University, holds a MSc in Food Engineering (2007) and a PhD in Food Science (2012).