Artificial Colours Part 2

The food industry has a long history with food dyes, both synthetic and nature-derived. They are widely used because humans eat with their eyes. It’s important, however, to question and evaluate the safety of these synthetic food dyes. There are examples of food dyes widely used for years, then banned due to negative health effects, […]

Artificial Colors Part I Tellspec Blog – Consumer Education

Artificial Colors Part I TellSpec Blog – Consumer Education Read about how artificial colors in your food affects your health! Below is 1 example so connect to the link above to learn more. For example: Amaranth is a dark red to purple, synthetic azo dye derived from petroleum. Banned from use in US in 1976; […]

Will Tellspec Help Change the Food Industry?

Will TellSpec Help Change the Food Industry? In the video below, Health Coach Maria Marlowe explains how it might disrupt the status quo in the food industry. The Institute for Integrative Nutrition is the largest nutrition school in the world.

Dear Clean Food Followers and Tellspec Pioneers!

Since our last update, we’ve been working very hard to develop our TellSpec food scanner with the Texas Instruments DLP chipset. We have engaged optical specialists to miniaturize the optical design for the DLP chip-set, and retained design houses to develop for mechanical and electrical design to be integrated with the DLP optical design. Meanwhile […]

An Update from Tellspec CEO Isabel Hoffmann

Dear Supporters and Friends, The TellSpec™ headquarters are buzzing with excitement! As you know, we are now collaborating with Texas Instruments to incorporate their award-winning DLP® technology into the TellSpec food scanner. We are currently hard at work to produce beta units for our Indiegogo Beta Testers and Developer Contributors. We expect to start delivery […]

A Message From Our CEO …

Dear friends, I have included below an invite to become an early participant in our Indiegogo crowdfunding health technology campaign, but first I want to introduce myself. I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 20 years, building eight companies on three continents. Most recently I had been working in the field of preventive medicine, until my […]