TellSpec Top 5: The metals in your food

Last week we introduced Top 5 Metals in Your Food. Here is another group of 5 metals for your curiosity. 6. Manganese is essential to human health and plays many roles, including aiding brain and nerve function, blood sugar regulation, and bone and connective tissue health. Manganese poisoning is uncommon outside of industries that deal […]

An Update from Tellspec CEO Isabel Hoffmann

Dear Supporters and Friends, The TellSpec™ headquarters are buzzing with excitement! As you know, we are now collaborating with Texas Instruments to incorporate their award-winning DLP® technology into the TellSpec food scanner. We are currently hard at work to produce beta units for our Indiegogo Beta Testers and Developer Contributors. We expect to start delivery […]

Tellspec Top 5: The metals in your food

Today’s Top 5 from TellSpec is shedding light on the topic of metals in your food. What they are, where they come from, and what effects they may have on your health. First, let’s clear up terms you may have heard: Heavy metals refers to elements (the things that make up all of life as […]

What are Endocrine (Hormone) Disruptors?

Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that interfere with the hormones in our bodies. These chemicals are capable of increasing and decreasing hormone production, mimicking hormones, changing hormones from one type into another, and interfering with hormone signaling (Crisp, 1998). Through these various mechanisms, endocrine disruptors have been linked to adverse developmental, reproductive, neurological, and immune effects […]

Tellspec Nutrition Facts

Nutritional science is rapidly advancing — leaving government regulations to catch up with progression in understanding. Recent revision of the long-standing Nutritional Facts in the black and white box on packaged foods supports the on-going movement to update the population with the latest discoveries in nutrition. Proposed changes to the Nutrition Facts reflect an update […]

What’s in my Nori?

Japanese cuisine has become increasingly popular throughout the world, but the makisushi roll stands as the most widely available. With infinite filling options, the nori, dried seaweed, wrapper remains a constant, but often overlooked, ingredient. Roasted seaweed snacks have also become more popular. TellSpec is looking at what can be found in seasoned dried seaweed. […]

What’s in my Gluten-Free Cookies?

Switching to a gluten-free diet can be challenging, particularly when it comes to the memories brought on by the thought of grandma’s rich, butter-, sugar-, and flour-filled chocolate chip cookies. For the newly gluten-free and veterans alike, baking with different flours and gums can be intimidating. Store-bought gluten-free alternatives to our favourite treats, however, are […]

What’s in my Chocolate Truffles?

Chocolate truffles: what could be better?  Either as a treat for sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions, as one last candy left from Christmas, or as an early Valentine’s Day delight, there’s nothing quite like one (or two, or five.)  This week TellSpec is taking a look at what can be found in these tiny […]

What’s in my Apple?

The old adage “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is a popular one. This week TellSpec is taking a look at that apple and discussing some of the benefits and drawbacks to which your daily apple might lead.

What’s in my Whole Grain Gluten-Free Bread?

Awareness of certain people’s medical necessity to avoid gluten has raised awareness and increased availability of gluten-free products. Research Company Mintel reports that 65% of consumers who choose gluten-free products do so because they perceive them to be healthier, and 27% report that they feel gluten-free products help with weight loss. TellSpec is taking a […]

What’s in my Enriched Fiber Sandwich Bread?

With Thanksgiving over, leftovers abound. A popular way of dealing with this “problem” is the loaded leftover hot turkey sandwich, with everything that was on the table now loaded onto a few slices of bread. Last week we looked at what’s in those Thanksgiving favorites, but what about the bread itself?