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• Available to developers who have already purchased the Enterprise Scanner;
• Integrate the Enterprise Scanner into your own iOS or Android applications;
• Includes API and libraries to control and communicate with the Enterprise Scanner;

Price US$850 (one time purchase)

Software Development Kit (SDK) for Android and iOS

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• Collect spectra and relate them to laboratory tests, offline or online, with the mobile app and the Enterprise Scanner
• Administer your project and track the progress of data collection by different workers, using the dashboard web app
• Select a subset of your data to create predictive models, using the dashboard web app
• Export the selected data in a format suitable for your own model building process (CSV, Matlab, R, Unscrambler)
• Exported data is in absorbance units calculated from your white reference calibration scans
• Statistically compare the results from your different models using the dashboard web app.

Price US$850 for 1st year, and US$300 annual subscription after first year

Data Collection and Management (DCM)

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• Reflective near-infrared spectroscopy.
• Uses Texas Instruments’ digital light processing (DLP) chipset.
• Market target B2B; ideal for rapid, nondestructive food quality and food fraud detection.
• Works with all mobile applications below
• Spectral Wavelength: 900nm to 1700nm

Price US$1899

Tellspec Enterprise Scanner

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