2015 December Updates

Tellspec Christmas 2015

Dear Backers,

As 2015 comes to an end, the team here at Tellspec wishes you a very happy new year!

Our team has been busy these past few weeks refining the app, fixing bugs, and finalizing coding, as well as dealing with firmware issues. Our iOS app for data collection is now in the hands of a few initial beta testers and we are gathering feedback from these users. Our Tellspec food sensor has been used by beta testers to gather the near infrared spectrum of foods and at the same time contribute to our growing database of food scans.

While Tellspec’s initial capabilities might be limited, over time the efforts of our beta users will ensure that the database is ever expanding, and more accurate detection of food ingredients will be possible. This way, your Tellspec holds the promise to, gradually and over time, be able to fully scan your food!

Shipping dates: We anticipate finishing shipment to all beta users during April 2016. We will begin shipping final units soon after the beta deliveries are completed.

Happy New Year!

Thanks again for your patience, support, and encouragement – and may you have a very happy New Year and a wonderful 2016.

From all of us,

The Tellspec Team

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Additional Tellspec food sensors can be pre-ordered here.

2015 November Updates

Dear Indiegogoers,

As you have seen from our updates, Tellspec’s technology can currently parse ingredients and detect calories, fat, carbohydrates, proteins, glycemic index, and fiber, as well as detect the presence or absence of gluten.  We will continue to make new additions to the detection engine, so as to be able to detect additional substances, such as other allergens and chemicals. This will be an ongoing process that will grow as beta testers add new scans to our database, and our team deploys detection models.

We would also like to clarify a few misunderstandings about our technology:

Myth: The scanner is the technology Tellspec offers.

Fact: The scanner is not the only technology that Tellspec offers, our technology is a three-part system.

Myth:  The scanner does the detection

Fact:  The scanner is actually only a spectrometer which is not intelligent, the detection is done in Tellspec’s servers which reside in the cloud.

Myth: What can be detected will not grow and improve over the months and years without a new scanner

Fact: Since the software is in the cloud new updates can be delivered without any upgrade to the hardware. So, adding more allergensdoes not require new hardware, as it is done with a software update.

We would also like to point out that Tellspec has built a product with extraordinary functionality with not only the funds from the Indiegogo perks but also from other sources of funding that well surpass the money received for those perks. Our funding has been from a variety of sources, including founder, family and friends, employees, grants, and a variety of different investors from all over the world. While we have produced and provided a small number of our initial beta scanners to our backers, we continue to raise additional funds to manufacture the majority of the scanners that have been pre-ordered.

We had to recall some of the beta units due to battery problems, and we are actively addressing the issue, which actually involved firmware and hardware upgrades. We are sorry about this; shipping will resume once this gets resolved. We are doing our best to do that as soon as possible.

All Indiegogo backers have been given a 2 year unlimited subscription, and so all the nutritional detection planned during those 2 years will be accessible to the backers and no extra cost. Because of our delays we are offering all Indiegogo backers an extra 1 year unlimited subscription, making a total of a 3 year unlimited subscription.

Tellspec team

Tellspec Progress of September 2015

Hello Indiegogoers and Tellspec backers,

As you know, Tellspec is getting ready to finalize the shipping of the beta prototypes to our beta testers and developers. Meanwhile we busy testing our iOS app as well as validating more food detection modules.

Here is a link to our latest video that shows some of the functionality we have integrated into the technology from the feedback we got from some of you.

This functionality includes:

1. Helping diabetics or pre-diabetics detect and track calories, macronutrients as well as glycemic index and load;

Blog_20150929 1


2. Helping avoid a known allergen (in this case gluten);

Blog_20150929 2

3. Helping narrowing food sensitivities;

Blog_20150929 3

Please remember visit our Facebook or our Twitter page for weekly updates. Thank you for your continued support!

Tellspec team

Tellspec Progress of August 2015

Hello backers!

We are in the final stages of getting ready to ship our early Tellspec prototypes for beta testers and developers. Those of you who have already received a larger unit please get in touch with us if you would also like a smaller unit.

In between now and when we receive the new units we are hard at work improving the existing beta device as much as possible. Part of this has involved taking our in-house prototypes into real scenarios to conduct scans, e.g. Supermarkets, Kitchens, etc. Three videos of us testing the device in a nearby supermarket can be found on our youtube page – go ahead and check them out here!

20150806 1 20150806 2

We are also proud to announce that Tellspec will be a technology sponsor for the mHealth Grand Tour 2015, a bicycle tour in France organised by Orange. Tellspec will be bringing its devices to the event to help the riders track their calories and carbohydrates and to assist in the measurement of appropriate amounts of insulin to administer. You can read more about mHealth here.

Finishing off, please bear in mind that if you are a beta tester or a developer who originally backed us on the Indiegogo campaign then you are more than welcome to get in touch with us at info@tellspec.com and to come by our office to check in on progress! This past summer we were visited by several beta testers and developers from the campaign: for those of you who came by the office, thank you again so much for taking the time to meet with us.

Thanks everyone,

Tellspec Team

Tellspec: What’s in your food?

Hello Indiegogoers and Tellspec Supporters!

We are very excited to show you the final form factor for our beta units, as well as our native iOS scanning application (which is still being tested!).

In this video you will see our CEO demonstrating the Tellspec scanner with several foods. It is a wholly encased wireless unit, paired via bluetooth, and working super well.

We’re really excited about our progress to date.

On a final note, if you have already received one of the larger Tellspec units you can get in touch with us at info@tellspec.com to ask for one of these newer (smaller) beta units.

Tellspec Team

Tellspec will participate on mHealth Grand Tour

Tellspec to participate on mHealth Grand Tour for cyclists with Type 1 and 2 diabetes, along with Orange Healthcare and Samsung, 3 and 12 of September 2015

Tellspec Beta Scanners

Hello Indiegogoers and supporter of Tellspec!

We are happy to announce that we have begun to send out beta scanners to our testers! Our first scanner was sent out just a few weeks ago. To commemorate the event, our CEO actually delivered it by hand!

So far we have delivered a handful of beta scanners. We want to stress that these deliveries will be very slow – if you have not received a unit yet and you signed up for beta testing please be patient. Our team needs as much time as possible to scale and test our back-end platform for crowdsourcing scans. We aim to deliver the remaining scanners in phases throughout this summer.

We have also finalized the industrial look for the new smaller scanner. Here is a photo that shows the beta scanner and the new (smaller) scanner in their respective cases.


We are now finalizing our cost estimates for the smaller device and are also undergoing extensive testing to validate our algorithms on the new scanner. We will post a new update once we have news on this.

There is also the possibility that some beta testers will receive only small scanners for delivery. If you have received a large beta scanner and would like a small scanner, we promise to do our best to accommodate requests for an exchange.

If you did not signed up for being a beta tester then please be patient until we deliver all the beta scanners and we iron out any issues with our back-end platform. We are currently also raising finance so we can enter into manufacturing agreements which includes tooling some of the more expensive components inside the scanner as well as engaging into different applications of our technology.

Thank you for your continued support.

– TellSpec Team

The New Scanner Module

Dear Contributors:

We are proud to announce that we have reached a big milestone!
Our beta scanner has now been scaled down to a size which is approximate to the scale we originally intended. In the photo below you can see the two versions side-by-side; the prototype scanner, and the new much smaller scanner.


As seen above, the new scanner module is less than half the size of the beta prototype device and is therefore much more portable. We are very excited about the fact that we have a much smaller device without compromising its wavelength, range, or accuracy.
We have engaged our industrial designers so that we can get the casing ready for this new device. We have considered several options, and the past few days we have been brainstorming over how best to enclose the new scanner so that it is comfortable for both right handed and left handed people.

All of these developments are amazing and we wanted to share them with you.
Over the past weeks we meet with several beta testers and developers to get their feedback about our apps. Specifically, to get feedback on the user interface, on the functionality, and to better understand their needs.
The feedback we have received so far has been phenomenal, and we’re really glad that everyone is so supportive of our cause. Tellspec is an open house to any of our backers who have contributed to our project, and if you would like to visit us please email info@tellspec.com.
All of the contributors that we have met, and our staff, agree that the new smaller sensor will really help spread the use of the product and is the right choice for us to follow – even if it means waiting slightly longer. The new sensor works better, will last longer, and is far more robust than the initial prototype versions.

As a final point – in our last update we mentioned the launch of Tellspecopedia iOS App for March. We’ve include a video below to update you on our progress in preparing it for launch. The iOS app version is close to being ready and will be delivered to all contributers. More on this soon.

Thank you again for your support!

– Tellspec Team

Updates on Software, Hardware and App

Hello Indiegogoers and supporter of Tellspec!

You may have also seen us at several live events such as CES in Vegas, the Food Innovation Summit in Brussels, and TEDxZwolle in Holland, where we have been demoing our working beta scanners.

We are moving forward, and wanted to let you know the latest on key fronts:

1. Hardware: We are currently working on finalizing agreements with key manufacturers so that we can get beta scanners produced and shipped out to our testers, developers, and contributors.

2. Hardware: We have started the process of minaturising our beta scanners for the final market version; we hope to be able show a new prototype unit by next month. You can see the current size and functionality of the beta prototype in some of our recent videos and interviews, such as during our interview with WebMD at CES .

3. Software: We are also almost ready with a data collection application for beta release. This application will help us collect scans from beta testers, and we aim to make it available at the same time as when we begin shipping beta TellSpec devices.

4. Software: We have recently integrated a large nutritional database, and are developing an application based on this database that will allow end users to track their intake and to generate reports.

5. App: We will be launching Tellspecopedia as its own app independent of the scanner, and hope to give you all free access to this app when it launches by mid/end of March as a token of gratitude for our support.


Here is quick video that demos of our beta scanners functionality.

Following in-person feedback from several of our contributors at CES, we are also now exploring the ways in which we can produce more content about the development and production process to give everyone a greater insight into our latest progress. So stay tuned!
Thank you for all your continued support.

Tellspec Team