2016 February Updates

Dear Backers, The first series of scanners are currently being delivered to Beta Testers. A few of you have already received your scanner and we are glad to hear about your impressions about the beta units so far. For those who aren’t yet holding their beta units yet, we anticipate that they will all have […]

Feedback from one of our beta users: Using Tellspecopedia for food information


Feedback from one of our beta users: First impression with the Tellspec scanner


2015 December Updates

Dear Backers, As 2015 comes to an end, the team here at Tellspec wishes you a very happy new year! Our team has been busy these past few weeks refining the app, fixing bugs, and finalizing coding, as well as dealing with firmware issues. Our iOS app for data collection is now in the hands […]

2015 November Updates

Dear Indiegogoers, As you have seen from our updates, Tellspec’s technology can currently parse ingredients and detect calories, fat, carbohydrates, proteins, glycemic index, and fiber, as well as detect the presence or absence of gluten.  We will continue to make new additions to the detection engine, so as to be able to detect additional substances, such as other […]

Tellspec Progress of September 2015

Hello Indiegogoers and Tellspec backers, As you know, Tellspec is getting ready to finalize the shipping of the beta prototypes to our beta testers and developers. Meanwhile we busy testing our iOS app as well as validating more food detection modules. Here is a link to our latest video that shows some of the functionality […]

Tellspec Progress of August 2015

Hello backers! We are in the final stages of getting ready to ship our early Tellspec prototypes for beta testers and developers. Those of you who have already received a larger unit please get in touch with us if you would also like a smaller unit. In between now and when we receive the new […]

Tellspec: What’s in your food?

Hello Indiegogoers and Tellspec Supporters! We are very excited to show you the final form factor for our beta units, as well as our native iOS scanning application (which is still being tested!). In this video you will see our CEO demonstrating the Tellspec scanner with several foods. It is a wholly encased wireless unit, […]

Tellspec will participate on mHealth Grand Tour

Tellspec to participate on mHealth Grand Tour for cyclists with Type 1 and 2 diabetes, along with Orange Healthcare and Samsung, 3 and 12 of September 2015

Tellspec Beta Scanners

Hello Indiegogoers and supporter of Tellspec! We are happy to announce that we have begun to send out beta scanners to our testers! Our first scanner was sent out just a few weeks ago. To commemorate the event, our CEO actually delivered it by hand! So far we have delivered a handful of beta scanners. […]